Program device requirements

Through the use of online and mobile technologies in and out of the classroom, you will be able to access course materials, participate in collaborative learning environments, and build the technological skills needed in today's workforce.

The programs listed below incorporate technology into their delivery.

Please note: To effectively participate in remote learning, students are required to have reliable Internet access.

  • For questions about technical specifications required for your program, choose the appropriate link below or contact your program coordinator.
  • For questions regarding your student account, connecting to Conestoga's Wi-Fi and software downloads, visit Conestoga's IT website.

Programs starting between September 2023 and August 2024

Applied Computer Science & IT
Program title Program code
Applied Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (Optional Co-op) 1557
Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) 1514C
Big Data Solution Architecture (Optional Co-op) 1448
Computer Application Security (Optional Co-op) 1476
Computer Applications Development (Optional Co-op) 0066
Computer Programming 1009
Computer Programming and Analysis (Optional Co-op) 0057
Computer Systems Technician - Information Technology Infrastructure and Services (Optional Co-op) 1097
Cybersecurity Response Planning 1580
Digital Solutions Management 1524G
Information Technology Infrastructure 1485
Information Technology Network Security 1475
IT Innovation and Design (Optional Co-op) 0040
Mobile Solutions Development (Optional Co-op) 1415G
Reporting Systems and Database Development 1517
Software Engineering Technician 1046
Software Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) 1132
Software Quality Assurance and Test Engineering (Optional Co-op) 1447
Virtualization and Cloud Computing 1523
Program title Program code
Administrative Business Management 1422
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) - Accounting, Audit and Information Technology 1241C
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) - International Business Management 1172C
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) - Financial Services 1551C
Bookkeeping 1271
Business 0062
Business - Finance 1396
Business - Insurance 0722
Business - International Business 1479
Business - Marketing 1242
Business - Marketing - Accelerated 2242
Business - Purchasing 1282
Business Administration - Accounting 0011
Business Administration - Accounting Accelerated 2011
Business Administration - Financial Planning 1033
Business Administration - Management 0055
Business Administration - Marketing 0013
Business Administration - Marketing (Co-op) 0013C
Business Administration - Supply Chain and Operations Management 0045
Business Administration - Supply Chain and Operations Management (Co-op) 0045C
Business Development and Sales 1455
Business Fundamentals 1187
Business Management - Entrepreneurship and Innovation 1587
Career Development Professional 0869
Esports Marketing and Event Management 1563
Financial Planning Services 1032
Global Business Management 1247
Health Office Administration 1047
Human Resources Management 0965
Human Resources Management (Optional Co-op) 0965C
Insurance - Property and Casualty (Optional Co-op) 0722C
Management and Leadership Development 1565
Medical Office Practices 1308
Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness 1395
Office Administration - Executive 1096
Office Administration - General 1095
Office Administration - Legal 1098
Payroll and Bookkeeping 1556
Professional Accounting Practice 1568
Project Management 1298
Public Relations - Integrated Communications 1478
Social Media Marketing 1537
Strategic Global Business Management 1480
Strategic Marketing Communications 1403
Supply Chain Management - Global 1411
Sustainable Business Management 1301
Community Services
Program title Program code
Advanced Police Studies 1212
Bachelor of Community and Criminal Justice (Honours) 1240C
Bachelor of Early Learning Program Development (Honours) 1355C
Community and Justice Services 1572
Community Integration Through Co-operative Education 1343
Early Childhood Education 0003
Early Childhood Education Fast Track (ECE) 00031
Early Childhood Education Fast Track (ECE) (International) 00032
Early Childhood Education Resource Consulting 1518
Early Childhood Education Resource Consulting International 15181
Educational Support 1332
Esthetician 1496
Human Services Foundation 1053
Management in Community Services (Formerly: Community and Social Services Management) 1276
Mental Health and Substance Use 1401
Police Foundations 0973
Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training 1074
Protection, Security and Investigation 0002
Recreation and Leisure Services 0008
Sensory Loss Intervention 1526
Social Service Worker 0009
Creative Industries
Program title Program code
3D Computer Animation 1391
Advertising and Marketing Communications 1532
Animation 1400
Bachelor of Design (Honours) 1336C
Broadcast - Radio 1168
Broadcasting - Television and Independent Production 1169
Broadcasting Performance and Digital Media 1402
Computer Animation - Motion Graphics 1392
Design Foundations 1186
Game - Design 1437
Graphic Design 0049
Interactive Media Management - Interaction Design 1404
Interior Decorating 1207
Journalism 1171
Media Foundations 1205
Virtual Reality Production 1515
Visual Merchandising Arts 1206
Engineering & Technology
Program title Program code
Advanced Building Systems 1575
Architecture - Construction Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) 0025
Aviation - General Arts and Science 0589
Aviation - General Arts and Science Fast Track 05891
Bachelor of Applied Technology (Honours) - Architecture - Project and Facility Management 1099C
Bachelor of Engineering - Building Systems Engineering 1425C
Bachelor of Engineering - Cyber Systems Engineering 1550C
Bachelor of Engineering - Electronic Systems Engineering 1094C
Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Systems Engineering 1066C
Bachelor of Engineering - Power Systems Engineering 1458C
Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) 1068C
Civil Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) 0024
Computer Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) 1060
Construction Management (Optional Co-op) 1378G
Construction Project Management 0895
Electrical Engineering Technician 0071
Electrical Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) 0928
Electronics Engineering Technician 0064
Electronics Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) 0098
Embedded Systems Development (Optional Co-op) 1416G
Energy Systems Engineering Technology - Electrical 0029
Energy Systems Engineering Technology - Electrical (Optional Co-op) 0029C
Environmental - Civil Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) 1021
Environmental Building Sciences 1363
Environmental Engineering Applications (Optional Co-op) 0870
Manufacturing Engineering Technology - Welding and Robotics (Optional Co-op) 1079
Mechanical Engineering Technician - Automated Manufacturing (Optional Co-op) 0076
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automated Manufacturing (Optional Co-op) 0074
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design and Analysis (Optional Co-op) 0073
Packaging Engineering Technician (Optional Co-op) 1348
Structural Packaging Design and Management 1510
Structural Steel Management and Detailing 1477G
Technology Foundations 0199
Welder (Apprenticeship) 1163
Welding and Fabrication Technician 0046
Welding Engineering Technician - Robotics (Optional Co-op) 1502
Welding Engineering Technology - Inspection (Optional Co-op) 0043
Welding Techniques 1193
Welding Techniques - Metal Fabrication (Apprenticeship) 1173
Wireless Network Infrastructure 1474
Woodworking Technician 0054
Woodworking Techniques - CNC 1462
Woodworking Technology (Optional Co-op) 0804
Health & Life Sciences
Program title Program code
Bachelor of Applied Biotechnology (Honours) 1560C
Biotechnology Technician 1164
Biotechnology Technician Fast Track 11641
Clinical Research 1590
Diploma Registered Practical Nurse to B.Sc.N. (McMaster) 1185
Enhanced Practice for Internationally Educated Nurses 1513
Fitness and Health Promotion 1218
Health and Social Systems Navigation 1584
Health Care Administration Management (Nursing Leadership Stream) 1506
Hearing Instrument Specialist 1176
Massage Therapy 1500
Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician 1620
Medical Laboratory Science 1542
Nursing - BScN (McMaster) 1043
Nutrition and Food Service Management 1570
Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist Assistant 1111
Paramedic 0052
Personal Support Worker 1165
Personal Support Worker – FAST Delivery 11653
Personal Support Worker – International 11651
Practical Nursing 1077
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees 1214
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas 1306
Regulatory Affairs 1562
Respiratory Therapy 1166
Hospitality & Culinary Arts
Program title Program code
Baking and Pastry Arts 1377
Baking and Pastry Arts Management 1484
Bartending 1144
Culinary Management (Co-op) 1026C
Culinary Skills (Co-op) 1025C
Event Management 1150
Food and Beverage Management - Hotel and Restaurant Operations (Optional Co-op) 0056
Food Processing Technician (Optional Co-op) 0730G
Food Safety and Quality Assurance - Food Processing 1446
Food Service Worker 1314
Global Hospitality Management (Optional Co-op) 1333G
Hospitality Operations - Food and Beverage 1156
Operations Leadership in Food Manufacturing 1488
Professional Cheese Making 1450
Tourism - Destinations and Travel Management (Optional Co-op) 1023
Interdisciplinary Studies
Program title Program code
Applied Research (Optional Co-op) 1525
Bachelor of Communications Management (Honours) 1574C
Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours) 1278C
English for Academic Studies 1324
General Arts and Science - Diploma Option 0090
General Arts and Science - One Year 0791
General Arts and Science: English Language Studies 0389
Public Relations 1093
Public Relations - Integrated Communications 1478
Public Service (Optional Co-op) 1274
Teaching English as a Second Language 1008
Technical Communication (Optional Co-op) 1495
Trades and Apprenticeship
Program title Program code
Automotive Service Technician (Apprenticeship) 0706
Brick and Stone Mason (Apprenticeship) 0843
Carpentry and Renovation Technician (Optional Co-op) 1142
Construction Foundations 1529
Construction Techniques - Brick and Stone 1497
Construction Techniques (Carpentry) 07165
Construction Techniques (Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC and Welding) 07161
Construction Techniques (Masonry, Plumbing, Electrical, and Carpentry) 07164
Electrical Technician - Industrial (Optional Co-op) 1154
Electrical Techniques 1327
Electrician - Construction and Maintenance (Apprenticeship) 0702
Electrician - Industrial (Apprenticeship) 1051
Electro Mechanical and Automation Maintenance (Optional Co-op) 1318
General Carpenter (Apprenticeship) 0700
General Machinist (Apprenticeship) 0703
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician 0465
Heavy Construction Equipment Operation 1380
Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (Apprenticeship) 0462
Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) (Apprenticeship) 0704
Machine Tool Builder and Integrator (Apprenticeship) 1061
Mechanical Technician - CNC 1329
Mechanical Technician - General Machinist (Optional Co-op) 1133
Mechanical Technician - Tool and Die/Tool Maker (Optional Co-op) 1135
Mechanical Techniques - Gas and Sheet Metal 1511
Mechanical Techniques - Industrial Millwright 1385
Mechanical Techniques - Plumbing 1245
Mechanical Techniques - Precision Machining and Tooling 1428
Motive Power Fundamentals - Automotive Repair 1381
Motive Power Technician - Automotive Service 0741
Motive Power Technician - Heavy Duty Equipment (Optional Co-op) 0737
Motive Power Technician - Truck and Coach 0731
Motive Power Techniques - Heavy Duty Equipment Repair 1382
Motive Power Techniques - Motorcycle and Power Sport Vehicles Repair 1383
Motive Power Techniques - Truck and Coach Repair 1384
Motorcycle Technician (Apprenticeship) 0466
Plumber (Apprenticeship) 0708
Powerline Technician (Optional Co-op) 0736
Pre-Apprenticeship General Carpenter 1558
Pre-Apprenticeship Introduction to Construction Trades 1559
Pre-Apprenticeship Welder/Metal Fabricator 1345
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic (Apprenticeship) 1467
Residential (Low Rise) Sheet Metal Installer (Apprenticeship) 1335
Tool and Die Maker (Apprenticeship) 0709
Truck and Coach Technician (Apprenticeship) 0906
Women in Skilled Trades (WIST) General Carpenter Pre-Apprenticeship 1123
Workforce Development
Program title Program code
Academic Upgrading 1405
Advanced CNC Manufacturing 1581
Agri-Business Management 1588
Applied Electrical Motion and Control Management 1460
Applied Electrical Motion and Control Management - Automotive 1579
Applied Energy Management 1459
Applied Energy Management - Renewable Energy Stream 1533
Applied Energy Management - Residential and Commercial 1577
Applied Manufacturing Management - Automation Stream (formerly Applied Manufacturing Management - Mechatronics Stream) 1554
Applied Manufacturing Management - Design Integration (Aerospace Stream) 1571
Applied Manufacturing Management - Design Integration 3D Printing Stream 1552
Applied Manufacturing Management - Design Integration Stream 1483
Applied Manufacturing Management - Machining Stream 1399
Applied Manufacturing Management - Mechatronics Stream 13992
Applied Manufacturing Management - Welding Stream 13991
Applied Manufacturing Management - Welding Stream (2022-2023) 1553
Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administration 1424
Autism and Behavioural Science 1426
Building Superintendence and Repair 1492
Business - Supply Chain and Operations for Commercial Trucking 1540
Business Analytics 1521
Cloud Data Management 1527
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design 1469
Data Processing and Reporting 1493
Drafting and Design for Additive Manufacturing 1586
Financial Technology 1519
Fraud Investigation and Risk Management 1583
Health Care Administration and Service Management 1449
Health Care Administration and Service Management (2023) 1567
Human Factors and Ergonomics 1564
Information Technology Business Analysis 1372
Information Technology Project Management 1566
Machining for Manufacturing 1582
Network Technical Support 1470
Power Engineering Diploma 1535
Power Engineering Techniques - 3rd Class 1398
Power Engineering Techniques - 4th Class 1101
Predictive Analytics 1498
Process Quality Engineering 1325
Quality Assurance - Manufacturing and Management 1509
Reception and Customer Service 1491
Renewable Energy Techniques 1530
Supportive Care Worker 1451
Urban Planning and GIS 1585
Web Development 1536
Web Development and Internet Applications Fundamentals 1471

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